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7 MOOC – 1 100 resources

The ambition of the initiative is to reach a collaborative production of multimedia content (L0, L1 and L2 levels) for scenarised and interoperable resources complementing the present online availability related to the French higher education, and especially for the access to the grandes écoles (focussing on business, sciences, and humanities).

The multidisciplinary resources and courses are available under a Creative Commons license :

A community of 80 actors

The initiative has developed through 80 francophone actors (from Cambodia, Cameroon, Canada, France, Greece, Lebanon, Switzerland, Tunisia…).

The developments of the initiative has involved a community of authors and a community of practice (CoP) composed of teachers in classes préparatoires aux grandes écoles or in similar establishments, teachers or researchers from Universities, students, stakeholders of the technology-enhanced learning for higher education domain…

Detailed information on our community are available here (in French).

The initiative Partners

The initiative initiative was launched in 2010 and coordinated until 2017 by Nathalie Van de Wiele, founder of ePrep in 2001.

From 2011 to 2017, the initiative was under the governance of the Association, which members were Conférence des grandes écoles  (CGE) and ePrep ; Grandes écoles (École normale supérieure – PSL, ENS Paris-Saclay, École polytechnique, EDHEC, ESSEC ; non-for-profit organisations (APLCPGEADEPPT, APPLS, Passeport Avenir) ; French Digital Universities (AUNEGe, UNISCIEL, UOH).

OMERIC, ePrep’s partner since 2006, was an important technical partner until 2017.

Since 2017, the initiative is under the governance of AUNEGe, UNISCIEL, UOH in association with representatives of the community.

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